Terrance Selb

Terrance Selb is the visionary entrepreneur behind American Tax Solutions and currently lives in West Hollywood, a mere stone's throw away from his business headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Hailing from Minnesota, a state known for its icy cold wintery weather, Terrance has also lived in Palm Springs, California and Minneapolis before settling into his adopted home. The Los Angeles LGBT Center is a rapidly growing organisation that provides invaluable services to the LGBT community - their advocacy, culture, education, health initiatives, housing solutions, leadership programmes and social services are unparalleled. Headed by over 800 staff members across California and beyond, the centre strives to make sure every member of the LGBT community has access to fundamental rights and opportunities.

The City of West Hollywood is famed for its bustling culture and nightlife - from the iconic palm tree-lined Sunset Strip loaded with celebrity hideouts such as Chateau Marmont and Whiskey A Go-Go to its many superb restaurants representing all corners of Southern California. Terrance appreciates music, cinema and theatre while enjoying his time in nature with his family and friends. One of his favourite spots is Runyon Canyon Park in the starry Hollywood Hills, managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks for Los Angeles County - offering hikers a chance to explore winding trails while immersing themselves in captivating views of the cityscape below. Travelling between each place has allowed him to best benefit from both worlds. Located in the heart of the entertainment industry sector - West Hollywood stands out with its vivid art scene and high-energy nightlife ambience mixed with magical palm tree sunsets seen nowhere else outside this vibrant city's limits.